Perrie Kitching


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Perrie's latest project is a compilation of songs he has composed over a period of introspection. Perrie's musical talent is powerful as he displays his truths, triumphs and heartbreaks in his songs.

Perrie's newest hit song, Betrayed, is an emotional song exquisitely displaying Perrie's unique voice that audiences love. Perrie's songs reflect a true raw talent that is memorable and powerful. Perrie's tunes are addicting as this soft spoken, young casually dressed male belts out songs from his soul with strength and composure.

Perrie's powerful voice will surprise you along with Perrie's character that shines through in his music. Perrie's soulful lyrics in See You On The Other Side cause his fans to have that I can't get the song out of my head experience.

It is not enough to simply hear Perrie's songs on the radio or on your personal players because Perrie's visual performance is as captivating as his voice. Perrie's face reflects the true character and depth of his songs. Among Perrie's many talents is his ability to play his guitar behind his back which is all the more reason to see Perrie in concert.

With his musical talents, Perrie Kitching has the ability to completely captivate and move the emotions of a whole crowd. Passionate about his delivery of story through song, Perrie can premeditates the deliverance of tears from his audience. In a room with your eyes closed, hooked to no sound equipment they say he sounds like a beautiful song on the radio. Finger-picking the most soul soothing sounds combined with his voice, Perrie Kitching is often told his sound is full and unique. With uplifting lyrics combined with everything else you would describe his live music as a fresh breath of air.